Team development

Recognising the "I" in teams

There will always be a requirement to up-date the skills, knowledge and attitudes of your employees – even if you have selected excellent individuals!

Hepworth HR team development uses several approaches in order to get your team of individuals functioning – as a team.

As a team is ‘a group of individuals focused on a common goal’, we can design and deliver activities that will establish your common goal - currently and what it should be in the future; how individuals may contribute to that common goal; and ultimately, how the team measures its success.

What this looks like:

  1. Group training on creating "Vision" and "Mission" statements
  2. Helping teams in defining "critical success" objectives
  3. Group training on understanding Team Roles, including:
  4. How teams work 
  5. How to improve individual contribution to a team
  6. Delivering team objectives through team roles
See also our page on Leadership Development. 

Acting as an associate to Metricate Limited (www.metricate.co.uk), we can see our Director, John Hepworth, facilitating a team event for a client. This particular half day workshop was highly interactive and enabled delegates to contribute to corporate strategy.