Talent Management

Defining accountability for careers

All employees should be encouraged to have some planning in their careers. It helps them – ‘what skills do I need to improve my life chances?’ - and it helps the employer – ‘what do I need from my staff in order to exceed our goals?’

Simply put, career planning is a must. Hepworth HR is able to provide advice and training on how organisations can help their staff plan for their future - and take responsibility for - their careers.

With access to psychometric testing and ‘tried and tested’ systems, processes and procedures - as well as putting the employees' desires in that list too - Hepworth HR can take individuals or groups through ‘tools and techniques’ designed to increase self awareness and encourage personal responsibility for developing their careers.

What this looks like

  1. Group training or 1-2-1 coaching on "Developing your own career", including:
  2. Getting the skills for professional development
  3. Seeking opportunities for self development
  4. 1-2-1 coaching for staff on self development techniques
  5. 1-2-1 mentoring for line managers
  6. 1-2-1 mentoring for HR professionals
  7. Design and implementation of systems and processes to support Talent Management
See also our page on Coaching for Performance.