Supporting your business

Responsive and straight forward advice

Access to practical and pragmatic HR advice is essential for the effective management of people.

Hepworth HR believes that we need to help management reach options for possible solutions. In doing so, we will ensure that decisions meet employment law requirements, as well as what is ‘fit for purpose’ for the employer.

And we will try to speak in clear language that fits the culture and context of the organisation. After all, meaningful communication is essential to getting the right outcome. 

Our Director John Hepworth comments:

"Policies and procedures for instance that support - and don't hinder - a business really do have a positive effect: on line managers [as they have to implement them] and on employees [as they need to be motivated by them].

To often, access to employment information is still too difficult and written in 'jargon'. Hepworth HR aims to deliver information that is 'fit for purpose' - so saving time and confusion when it comes to implementation."