Getting the right person for the job

And when you have a range of candidates from who to select, we will help you shortlist fairly against your essential job tasks and behaviours. Effective shortlisting is crucial in employment law terms and equally crucial in managing your time interviewing the best candidates.

Hepworth HR can design and implement the best selection methods for you, too – from structured interviews against set criteria, through to assessment centres using a variety of assessment techniques.

Of course, the final stage is to ensure that you then select the best employee for your job - making the right decision for you and your organisation. 

Finally, we will advise you on how you ensure that you complete the processes and welcome your new employee to your organisation with an effective Induction programme.

What this looks like

  1. Helping clients establish effective and fair methods for Shortlisting potential candidates
  2. Design and delivery of ‘best fit’ Selection events, from structured interviews through to assessment centres
  3. Facilitation of fair decision-making practices so businesses get the best people for the job - and provide candidates with meaningful feedback

...with all processes delivering excellence in Equality and Diversity.