Resourcing your business

Getting the right people...

... at the right time with the right skills. Hepworth HR helps businesses identify what is needed from their employees and how to identify the knowledge, skills and attitudes in potential employees.

Selecting the right employees is the start of the "performance management" process [i.e. how to get the best from people] – and if it is not respected, then businesses stand to inherit difficult people issues that could have been avoided.

So, giving businesses the tools and techniques to minimise the risk of a bad selection decision is where Hepworth HR 'adds value'.

Our Director John Hepworth comments:

"Resourcing any business sets the standard for the future...get it 'wrong' and you store up problems for the future. 

Good employers do not rely on employment law to get them out of trouble - if they care more about litigation than getting the right person then employers are starting from a difficult place! We believe that professional, focused attention at the resourcing stage works far better. 

As an employer, reducing your 'risk' of litigation surely comes from taking the resourcing process seriously in the first place?"