Getting the job right

Recruitment is all of the HR and management processes that occur BEFORE you start to shortlist for interview. Hence, we can help you focus your efforts as managers in defining the needs for the job - now and in the future.  

We are experts, therefore, in skills development and so if you as a manager are struggling with how to go about job analysis and job design, we will be able to help you understand the practical elements of both, in order to help you achieve your goals. And this will lead to the right person in the right job at the right time. 

Then, we can advise you on - or run for you - your advertising campaigns and how to use these to the best effect: to attract suitable candidates from the right businesses for your job. 

And we will be able to handle your recruitment administration - so that you do not have to worry about tracking candidates. Equally, candidates will have an excellent experience of your organisation as we will keep them informed of timescales and progress of their application throughout.

What this looks like

  1. Job Analysis to help you identify the knowledge, skills and attitudes for your business
  2. Job Design to create compelling role that motivate employees
  3. Producing realistic Job Descriptions and Person Specifications
  4. Helping you place Advertisements in the right media to get the right applications

...all in partnership with our clients.