Psychometric testing

Maximising your information to make selection decisions

Hepworth HR is qualified to provide a range of psychometric testing to support the recruitment and selection process.

We are able to help you understand the best approaches depending upon your needs and help the management of people become more effective, more quickly.

We are qualified in several ability tests that can assess numeracy, verbal reasoning, spatial awareness and abstract thinking. These skills tests may be supplemented by suitable personality assessments such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (or MBTI) and 16PF - but rest assured, we will advise you on the most appropriate assessments for your needs.

Well defined jobs and selection processes that include psychometric testing greatly increase your chances of selecting the right person!

What this looks like

  1. Advising clients - both companies and individuals - on the best Psychometric Assessment to suit their needsĀ 
  2. Excellence in aiding clients interpret results to best effect - and produce pragmatic action plans for change
  3. Compliance at all time with the ethical use of Psychometrics, e.g. to provide feedback for candidates