Policies and procedures

The foundations of good HR management

The foundations of HR management are built on people policies and procedures that enable the organisation’s objectives to be achieved. And crucial to this goal is that people policies and procedures need to be easily implemented by management and motivate employees.

These two aims – the principles of simplicity and being ‘fit for purpose’ - are at the heart of Hepworth HR’s approach in designing HR policies and procedures. We will design and implement with your input a set of people policies and procedures that reflect your organisation’s values.

We will ensure that they meet – and where desired, exceed – current employment law. We will keep them up to date too – and always let you know when something really important to your business has changed.

And good policies and procedures helps to contribute to you being an employer of choice for potential candidates, whilst helping motivate existing employees. 

What this looks like

  1. Writing Staff Handbooks
  2. That are kept up-to-date with employment law changes
  3. That reflect the culture of your organisation
  4. Designing specific policies and procedures for HR practice
  5. That fit both Internet and "hard copy" formats
  6. That are written in clear, pragmatic language
  7. Examples including Disciplinary, Absence Management, Contracts of Employment
  8. Advice on how to develop Employee Engagement overall
  9. What pay and benefits will work for you
  10. Work / Life Balance
  11. Implementation of employee engagement surveys