Managing Change

Helping business and their employees adapt

Hepworth HR is able to contribute towards business change through specific support, depending on the desired outcome. 

As someone said, "...change is the only constant..." and so we can advise, support and deliver positive interventions to help the change transition. 

When it comes to defining business strategy, Hepworth HR believes that people really do define a 'competitive advantage' for a business. So - the implications on people need to be integrated into any change in business strategy - and in turn help to define it. 

Think of the impact on the potential loss of people on the "intellectual property" of your business. People may leave voluntarily if they perceive they are being ignored in strategy development. And if business failure leads to a redundancy event, then equally how 'survivors' of that redundancy perceive the processes to have been implemented may well undermine the benefits of a reduced pay bill. 

Change happens. To people. So let Hepworth HR ensure you have covered all your bases.

What this looks like:

  1. Facilitation for Leadership teams at all levels in setting business and people strategies
  2. Structured workshops to define strategy
  3. Comprehensive 'action planning'
  4. Defining the 'organisation design'
  5. Design and delivery of Redundancy programmes
  6. Employment law advice
  7. Project Management of process
  8. Advice on maintaining employee motivation throughout
  9. Group seminars or 1-2-1 coaching on the Job Search process
  10. Defining what employees need to do first
  11. Understanding the job search process
  12. The importance of networking
  13. How to apply for jobs, e.g. what is a good CV?
  14. The interview and getting the job