Leadership development

Using the right skills at the right time...

...for the right result. Hepworth HR believes in the development of leadership skills to complement and enhance management skills.

We agree with Mintzberg, who wrote in 2005, “…management without leadership is sterile; leadership without management is disconnected and encourages [arrogance]…” (‘Managers not MBAs’, published in New York by Berrett-Koehler).

Hepworth HR aims therefore to ensure that management skills are not neglected, nor leadership ‘vision’ ignored. We help people recognise how to utilise both, through critical analysis, team interaction and appropriate psychometric testing. 

What this look like

  1. Leadership Skills training seminars to suit business needs, including:
  2. Setting your team's personal Vision and Mission Objectives
  3. Management of people and their performance
  4. Understanding your own abilities as a Leader
  5. How Psychometrics can help - leader and team
  6. Self Management skills - be more effective and efficient
  7. Self Development skills - what do self developers do?
  8. Communication skills - getting your message right so others behave as you want them to!
  9. ...with all examples available as either Group Training or 1-2-1 options.