Helping your people perform

Much more than the annual appraisal "chat"...

We have to enjoy the work that we do and the organisation for whom we work. 

Equally employers need to ensure that they are supporting their staff in order to meet the goals of the organisation.

Line management plays an important role in helping people perform and at Hepworth HR, we are skilled in providing guidance and support in this area. 

Our Director John Hepworth comments:

"Helping your people perform is part of management and leadership...too often we see good, new employees frustrated because they do not receive the support they desire from their line manager. 

Equally, we see line managers frustrated by staff who under-perform. Now, whilst we cover under-performance too, Hepworth HR's starting point is always that people 'do not deliberately come into work to do a bad job'.

With that in mind, the way to employee engagement becomes a whole lot clearer."