Growing your people

You know it makes sense...

...and in the current popular phrase, this reflects Talent Management - which is the "systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement/ retention and deployment of those individuals who are of particular value to an organisation, either in view of their ‘high potential’ for the future or because they are fulfilling business/operation-critical roles", [CIPD, 2010].

So, for instance, having spent time on recruitment and selection, the last thing that you want to happen is for your new employee to leave – before they have contributed to the organisation.

Growing your people is an important element of any management skillset and for the success of organisation performance. 

Yes – there it is – the word ‘performance’ again. But it sits at the very heart of any organisation purpose. Performance management helps businesses recognise their strengths and manage their areas of development - be they profit-driven or values-driven enterprises - and is essential for measuring employee levels of ‘satisfaction’. 

So – let Hepworth HR help you develop your own Talent Management…for the benefit of all.

Our Director John Hepworth comments:

"Talent Management plays an important role in helping businesses discover their own 'competitive advantage'. Equally, it can drive higher levels of employee satisfaction in all business sectors.

At HepworthHR, we focus on providing managers and employees alike with the skills and the attitudes to really make Talent Management work. It is not just about process and forms - it really is about the quality of the discussion and the future thought about the shape of the business."