Employment law advice

What management needs to know

With a variety of experienced HR practioners to call upon, Hepworth HR can support your business when it comes to the practical implementation of employment law.

That may mean re-designing a disciplinary procedure or supporting a line manager with a disciplinary interview. It could mean thinking through the implications of an employee applying for adoption leave. And it could mean advising senior management on compromise agreements or specific redundancy policies and procedures. 

Or it could be ensuring that your employees understand their contracts of employment and pay and benefits packages, through enabling easy-to-understand systems and paperwork. 

Whatever your question on employing people, Hepworth HR can provide a solution. 

What this looks like

  1. Guidance on preparing for Employment Tribunals
  2. Employment Law advice, on topics including:
  3. Disciplinary cases
  4. Grievance cases
  5. Managing employee capability
  6. Adapting for equality and inclusion
  7. Discrimination
  8. Coaching for line managers in the "ways of working" for all policies and procedures