Coaching for performance

Achieving better results - for all

Developing line management skills in the area of coaching - especially for employee performance - is a popular trend currently for management 'guru's' to highlight. It is however an essential management skill - period. 

The skills needed to apply a coaching discussion successfully are many and varied. Hepworth HR is qualified to identify quickly where existing line management possess such coaching skills and how to deploy these skills more effectively in more situations. 

Line managers know what the task is - often it is the process of achieving the task where coaching can help. And Hepworth HR can also assist line management with their development of excellence in coaching. 

Coaching for performance works, if we "Focus with the end in mind". The employer / manager gets better delivery against their objectives and values - whilst developing their own individual management skills - and the employee extends their own skills, knowledge and attitudes. Coaching for performance really is a win:win. 

What this looks like

  1. Group training on practical Coaching Skills
  2. What is Coaching for Performance?
  3. Tools and techniques to try and apply
  4. The language of successful coaching
  5. Practice through role play scenarios
  6. Some online coaching to refresh skills learnt
  7. 1-2-1 coaching with individuals on how to Coach for Performance
  8. Group Training or 1-2-1 in Mentoring skills