Appraisal systems

Helping a two-way discussion succeed

We can work with your organisation on all aspects of appraisal systems. Setting the scene, we will establish the right approach to appraising staff performance for your organisation, e.g. keeping the documents paperbased or moving them online.

We can support you throughout the whole process – from designing the system processes and procedures, the paperwork or IT records, how to provide effective feedback, how to link to other management functions such as succession planning and above all: how to use the data to best business advantage, for you and the employee. 

And you will have happier and more motivated employees at the end - each of them willing to 'go that extra mile' for the organisation.

What this looks like

  1. Project management to design and implement a new Performance Management / Appraisal system
  2. Providing analysis to aid the definition of concepts and aims of such a system
  3. Delivery of agreed design
  4. Planning the implementation and delivering the project 
  5. Evaluation of results and project closure
  6. Group training on how to hold successful appraisal discussions
  7. Group training on setting a meaningful development plan 
  8. 1-2-1 coaching to solve appraisal problems